About The Constellation Network

We exist to build and equip networks of leaders and doers to strategically advance the common good in Southern Chester County.

imagine a community that thrives together

Wouldn’t we all want to live in a world where people acted in the best interest of others rather than themselves? Where the golden rule was the norm and loving your neighbor seemed second nature? Wouldn’t we all yearn for a world in which peer pressure on our youth, if it existed at all, was positive and not negative? Where the arts celebrated the best of humanity and not the worst? Where business considered the broad impact of its investments and not just its own bottom line?

We all have a yearning for a community thriving on all fronts. It is a desire for “the way things ought to be.”

The constellation we envision is a network of people and organizations that work together to advance the common good. Consider reading this article on Collective Impact from Stanford Social Innovation Review to get a better idea on what this can look like right in our backyard!

How does the constellation function?

 Convene organizations and create new one to serve the common good

convene organizations and create new ones to serve the common good

  • Gather like-minded people and existing organizations to pursue common goals

  • Vet ideas for new ventures, providing coaching and resources

  • Launch new ventures

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work toward collective impact by leveraging the "power of network."

  • Cultivate relationships with business leaders, community organizers, government officials, and pastors

  • Collaborate to tackle complex, systemic problems using shared goals and measures.

what does this have to do with me?

Everyone has a role to play in advancing the common good in Southern Chester County. Ask yourself:

  • How am I strategically placed in my community?

  • How can I create a better world for my neighbors, clients, coworkers, and stakeholders?

  • What is already going on that I or my organizations can lend a hand to?

why are we doing this?

  • We love Southern Chester County

  • We believe this is the vision that Jesus has for our community, working for the common good and thriving of everyone.

want to join us?

Shoot us an email and let's grab coffee. We can go faster alone but further together. The network needs everyone around the table to play a part.

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kate Uhler

Director of community engagement