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What is GSR?

Give|Serve|Restore is an annual project that gathers churches of Southern Chester County to collaborate for the common good of the community during the season of Lent.

Why Do Give|Serve|Restore?

We believe that God has a plan for restoration in our world and that we can take part in the restoration process in our neighborhoods and communities by "showing up" through tangible acts of love and service. And we believe that can we go further together than alone. GSR is a platform for creating new connections - among churches as well as between church members and the needs in their communities. It is also an opportunity to have a large impact on local needs through the united efforts of many.

Who is involved?

GSR is open to all the churches in Southern Chester County - last year we had churches participating all the way from Chadds Ford to Lower Oxford and from a diversity of denominational backgrounds and traditions. We encourage churches to participate in any way they can: some churches participate in all aspects of the project while others focus on one or two areas that fit their congregation’s mission and capacity.

GSR 2019 - 30 Days of Poverty Awareness

This is our 5th year hosting GSR and it continues to be an important part of our mission to supportive collective works of “common grace” through the church community in Southern Chester County. We’ve learned a lot over the past 4 years about what works well for our church partners as well as what seems to have the greatest impact on those serving and those served.

We’ve structured GSR 2019 in a slightly different format, based on feedback from all of you and current opportunities for learning and service. This year’s project will be condensed into a 30-day period based around the theme of Poverty Awareness. We will once again be partnering with local organizations working close to the deepest needs of our neighbors, and offering three tiers of involvement. As always, congregations and individuals are encouraged to participate in whatever ways they can. Our goal: to increase awareness of what poverty in Southern Chester County looks like, and facilitate opportunities for meaningful engagement. Keep reading to learn more.

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Tier one of engagement is based on 2 opportunities to give back in a material way:

#1 - Food Drive:

Last year we collected over 9,000 lbs of food for our local cupboards, enough to feed hundreds of families in need across Southern Chester County! This year we will be encouraging churches to participate in the same way, providing paper grocery bags for food collection with a suggested list of “top items” requested by your local cupboard.

#2 - Fund Drive:

Last year we raised over $30,000 to expand the Getting Ahead program throughout our region, propelling dozens of families forward in their journeys out of poverty. Getting Ahead is a key part of the Southern Chester Opportunity Network, a community-wide initiative addressing the roots of poverty both at a systemic and a personal level. Because of the generous support of the faith community, this impactful program has been able to move forward without barriers in Southern Chester County.

Join us as we continue to run the race alongside our neighbors, supporting long-term change through relationship and empowerment. Your church will have informational materials on Getting Ahead available as well as giving envelopes designated for this project. (Suggested donation of $30 per person).

Read more about the Getting Ahead program here.



We believe that real change in our community is possible only when we as individuals are willing to take steps toward change in our own hearts and minds - in relationship with ourselves, God, and others. And we know that the best way to do this is through personal experience!

During GSR 2019, we are delighted to offer two different opportunities for participants to challenge their own perspectives on poverty in a meaningful way. These opportunities will push participants to ask the questions: What causes poverty? and What does poverty look like in Southern Chester County and what can we do about it?

The Constellation Network is partnering with the Southern Chester County Opportunity Network and the Department of Community Development to offer the following learning experiences during GSR 2019. We encourage everyone who is able to participate!



Bridges out of Poverty is a framework providing  perspectives and strategies to help communities address poverty in a comprehensive way.

This introductory workshop will give you the chance to explore new ways of understanding poverty and hear about the work the SCC Opportunity Network is doing to advance this initiative in our community.

Contact us to register for our upcoming training on April 6th or request one for your group!



Save the Date! The Poverty Simulation is coming to Southern Chester County. During the event, participants take on the identity of someone in poverty and work together with their family unit to simulate a month in poverty over the course of an hour. The simulation is based on the stories of real people and is meant to sensitize participants to the realities of poverty.

Space is limited. Contact us now to sign up.

Questions? Learn more here.

tier 3 - get involved

Over the course of this past year we have been working in close partnership with several groups working to tackle systemic problems underlying poverty in Southern Chester County. These initiatives are in need of a specific resource that our churches have in abundance - dedicated, compassionate people who have a heart for their community.

Throughout GSR 2019 we will be promoting ways for members of local congregations to connect their time and talents to these initiatives in an ongoing way - what we’re calling Tier 3 of engagement. These initiatives include:

  • The Southern Chester County Opportunity Network (SCCON), our biggest partner, with work groups focused on Housing, Transportation, Community Collaboration, and Employment & Economic Opportunity. Quarterly meetings update the larger group on progress and ways to get involved.

  • The Kennett Kindergarten Readiness Initiative, working to advance educational equity in the Kennett area by making sure that all children have access to the resources they need to start school emotionally, socially, and academically ready to learn. This initiative includes bi-monthly meetings as well as work groups focused on specific priority areas.

You’ll be hearing more about these opportunities throughout GSR, but if you have any questions in the meantime, we encourage you to contact us in order to learn more!

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Helpful docs for churches:

  1. gsr 2019 details

  2. how to talk to your congregation about GSR

  3. 2019 Beneficiary: Getting ahead

Interested in learning more about GSR 2019 and how you or your church could be involved? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk over any and all questions or ideas.