The Constellation Network was founded in 2015 by a group of faith leaders with the mission of supporting leaders and strengthening networks for the common good in Southern Chester County. Our vision is to foster collaboration among area churches, organizations, and other local stakeholders to leverage the power of collective impact for tackling the complex, systemic challenges facing our community.

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Bridges out of Poverty is a framework providing  perspectives and strategies to help communities address poverty in a comprehensive way.

This introductory workshop will give you the chance to explore new ways of understanding poverty and hear about the work the SCC Opportunity Network is doing to advance this initiative in our community.

Our next training will be held on Tuesday, June 4th from 9am-12:30pm at Willowdale Chapel in Kennett Square. Contact us to sign up or request one for your organization.

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GSR food drive partners

This year, through GSR, churches across Southern Chester County once again came together to support our local food cupboards, collecting thousands of bags of staple items for donation.

As excited as we are make such a large impact on this need, we know that hunger is a reality year-round and that these cupboards are always in need of our support. We encourage you to use the map above to contact your nearest food cupboard and find out how you can support them in an ongoing way.

‘Poverty can be hard to talk about.’ This is how SCCON starts the conversation

Southern Chester County Opportunity Network's work is based on the Bridges Out of Poverty model — a framework for understanding poverty that brings professionals and communities together to work on solutions.

By Krystine Sipple / CONTRIBUTOR

A 2018 SCCON Bridges out of Poverty workshop at Sacred Heart in Oxford, PA.

A 2018 SCCON Bridges out of Poverty workshop at Sacred Heart in Oxford, PA.

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